2PM Break

Check our facebook page every day at 2PM for our daily 2PM Break.  While our store is closed, we will bring you a new riddle or puzzle every weekday at 2PM.  It's a great opportunity for a mid-afternoon break.

The answers will be published here shortly after the riddle or puzzle is published to our facebook page.



Friday, May 8: 1

Thursday, May 7: 5

Wednesday, May 6: 2,520

Tuesday, May 5: Lily is 20.

Monday, May 4: Groups 1 & 2 include 2 full glasses and 3 half-full glasses. Group 3 includes 3 full glasses and 1 half-full glass.

Friday, May 1: One solution is red, rest, ready, reason, reading, restrict, reiterate.

Thursday, April 30: 

Wednesday, April 29: The pink letters have vertical symmetry and the blue letters have horizontal symmetry.  Apologies about the K as we did not catch that the font shown does not have perfect symmetry.  Great job if you caught that.

Tuesday, April 28: 12 since the gloves are handed

Monday, April 27: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Friday, April 24: downtown sidewalk

Thursday, April 23: 3 blind mice

Wednesday, April 22: driving in circles

Tuesday, April 21: Frankenstein

Monday, April 20: Pretty Please

Friday, April 17: Friday

Thursday, April 16: silence

Wednesday, April 15: heat, because you can catch a cold

Tuesday, April 14: the match

Monday, April 13: What

Friday, April 10: The Doors

Thursday, April 9: Queen

Wednesday, April 8: The Beatles

Tuesday, April 7: Pearl Jam

Monday, April 6: Maroon 5

Friday, April 3: Seven

Thursday, April 2: Social Distancing

Wednesday, April 1: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Tuesday, March 31: Space Invaders

Monday, March 30: short