Solar Lantern Magical Swirl Firefly

Solar Lantern Magical Swirl Firefly

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Illuminate your life with the Firefly solar lantern. Its versatility and beauty will enhance your home and garden and quickly become your favorite decorative tool. Eco-friendly and crafted from high-quality, durable silicone, this bell-shaped lantern casts a firefly-inspired glow and offers up to 8 hours of illumination. Choose between low, bright, super bright, and flash settings. Add mood lighting to an apartment or dorm room, create a festive ambiance for year-round entertaining, or transform an event venue from mediocre to magical. The lantern's detachable snap handle provides easy hanging options, and the watertight twist top locks in place with a secure inner ring. Recharge using the included magnetic USB cable.

Solar powered, eco-friendly, LED, bell-shaped, made of indestructible silicone,.

Four light settings: Low: 25 lumen for 8 hours; Bright: 50 lumen for 4 hours; Super Bright: 100 lumen for 2 hours; Flash: 50 lumen for 8+ hours.

4.05 x 5 x 4.05 inches