Hallmark Little World Changers™ Kindness Stickers, Pack of 66

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Add some positivity anywhere with these fun stickers. Pack includes round stickers with colorful designs and kindness-themed messages. Dole them out to a special kid or let kids use them to decorate art projects, a lunchbox, share with others and more. Little World Changers is about every kid, for every kid. Because every kid can change the world.

| Package includes 66 different stickers.
| Examples of sticker messages: UR kind; Way to go; Yayy!; Great job; High five; Have a good day; Your kindness has power; You got this; Brave kind caring you.
| Ages 3+.
| Every kid has the power to make a difference. Little World Changers meets kids where they are through stories and activities that highlight traits like kindness, courage, community, and being yourself—helping kids understand big issues on a personal level.
| Pkg.: 3.06” W x 7.66” H