Hallmark 8.5" Boo! Pumpkin Medium Halloween Gift Bag

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Celebrate Halloween with your favorite boo! This cute medium gift bag is sure to bring delight to a kid or special someone when a sweet treat or gift is tucked inside. Trapezoid-shaped Halloween bag features die-cut attachments on front and back and black glitter for extra sparkle. Hallmark medium-sized bags hold presents like small stuffed animals, video games, DVDs, books, candles and more.

| Medium trapezoid Halloween gift bag features die-cut attachments with jack-o'-lantern design, colorful lettering and black glitter accents.
| On gift bag: BOO!
| Woven cord handles.
| Remove handles to recycle bag.
| Approx. 6.5" W x 8.5" H x 3.7" D